Elanra Portable Ioniser MKIII Carioniser

Specifications Elanra Portable MKIII

Programs: 32 Individual user friendly settings
Dimensions: 168mm Wide x 37mm High x 120mm Depth 6.6" Wide x 1.45" High x 4.72" Depth
Therapeutic Range: 1 metre (3ft)
Air Cleaning Capability: 25 sq m (272 sq ft)
Casing: extreme care has been taken to use materials that are non-allergenic.
Needles: replaceable, and are developed from special alloys.

Power Sources:
1. 90V - 250V AC Mains Power - 50/60hz
2. 12V DC External Power Source
3. 9V Internal Duracell Battery

Included Accessories:
1 x Switch mode power supply
1 x IEC Mains Power Cord
1 x Vehicle mounting kit; Allen Key, Hookup DC Cable, Stainless Steel Mounting Screws
1 x Earthing wrist strap
1 x Duracell 9V Battery
1 x Spare set of Ionising needles
1 x Instruction Manual

Electronic Circuity: crystal controlled advanced programmable microprocessor circuit.

Workmanship Guarantee: 2 year guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Electrical & EMC Safety Standards
2. CE Hospital Medical
Test for compliance with EN60601-1: 1993 plus amendments A1: 1993, A11: 1993, A2: 1995 and A13: 1996, Safety of Medical electrical equipment; IEC60601-1: 1998 plus amd 1: 1991 & amd 2: 1995, with USA and Australia deviations. EN60601-1
3. CE Electromagnetic Compatibility EN60601-1-2
4. C-Tick N16901, N6374
5. UL E182296
6. CSA LR104697
7. GS S9750698
Design 154/2000

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Other types of emitters

There have been many innovative ways to produce negative ions, however the most affective and efficient way to generate therapeutic ions is via a fine needle point.

The emission of small biologically active (ingestible) negative ions of oxygen require needles that have been honed to a precise point. Special alloys have been utilised to achieve this precision.

The Elanra needles are in embedded in 22Kt gold lined holders.

Other types of emitters
Some of the other commonly used emitters are The Impregnated Cord, Wire Brush, The Filament, Steel Wool Type, and Needle Clusters. Ionisers using these types of emitters are merely air cleaners and do not produce small biologically active ions.
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Elanra Needles

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