The Elanra can make you sleep deeper !

The Effects Of The ELANRA On The Brain Waves

This Experiment Was Carried Out By The Brain Development Research Centre - Japan
Your brain is in Alpha state when your mind and body are totally relaxed.
This works much in the same way as a brainactivator or an Eartpulse Sleepmachine

Measurements of the brain waves over a three minut

1 st Minute Brain waves in normal state Elanra OFF
2 nd Minute
Brain waves in meditating state Elanra ON
3 rd Minute
Compare brain waves with initial state Elanra OFF

What is the Schumann Resonance?

It refers to the region of extremely low frequencies that exist between the ionosphere above the earth and the earth’s surface. A German named Schumann in the 1950’s discovered it. The resonance frequency of 7.83Hz lies on the border line between the alpha waves and the theta waves of the human mind. It is the same as light, which travels 7.8 cycles per second around the earth. It is said that all living things on the earth including humans are under the influence of the Schumann Resonance to maintain the basic rhythm of life.

Equipment &Testing Measuring Instruments

Mind Sensor II
Brain Development Research Centre
Manager: Shiga
Negative Ionizer ELANRA

Experimental frequencies applied

4 Hz (Theta waves)
7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance)
10 Hz (Alpha waves)

Reading the different graphs

The table below shows the different brain waves, which are indicated by colour
Blue = 4-6 Hz Theta
Light Blue = 7-8 Hz Slow Alpha
Alpha Green =9-11 Hz Mid Alpha
Yellow 12-14 = Hz Fast Alpha
Peach 15-23 = Hz Beta
Grey = Below 4 Hz Noise

The horizontal line denotes time (minutes) and the vertical line denotes brain wave strength.
The pie charts indicates the percentages of the superior brain waves per minute, colour grouping, average value and time.

Data Test Results - PDF Format EEG Results

Page 1 411kb [410 KB] -(pdf) ( 1 min)
Page 2 314kb [313 KB] -(pdf) (55 secs)
Page 3 361kb [360 KB] -(pdf) (50 secs)

A very high level of 7-8 (Schumann Resonance) was detected in the brain waves immediately after switching the ELANRA on after one minute.
Overall, 90% of the Schumann Resonance was observed during the 54 seconds.
The Beta Waves disappeared and only the theta waves were observed when the Elanra was switched off after two minutes.

Similar to the previous case. Elanra was set to 7.83hz, and it was observed that the slow theta waves, close to the theta waves were prominent.
Hence it can be concluded that the mind was in an ideal state of relaxation.
The slow theta waves were prominent.
The mid alpha waves totalled 60% of the chart and were detected immediately after switching the Elanra on.
These ideal brain waves strengthen the power of concentration and imagination.

Please Note
: These EEG results will require Acrobat Reader to view the above files

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