Veiliger in het verkeer met de Elanra luchtioniser

Bionic Products has for years been researching the closed environment in motor vehicles and its effect upon drivers. Traffic fumes, air conditioning and the vehicle's electrical system combine to produce and over-abundance of harmful positive ions, which depletes the supply of negative ions.

This is further exacerbated by air friction over the metal cabin while travelling. Called a ‘Faraday Cage', this positively charged atmosphere can cause drivers to suffer drowsiness and to lose concentration, putting both driver and passengers at risk.

Reports from the USA, Hungary, Japan, and Britain support findings that show the build-up of positive ions inside moving vehicles leads to loss of driver co-ordination and a resulting increase in traffic accidents.

Bionic Products initiated a study involving a group of Australian long-distance truck drivers who, on average, travelled 3,120 kilometres per week. The drivers were supplied with portable negative ion generators and asked to fill in a questionnaire. The results were startling:

87% reported an increase in alertness while driving
80% said they slept better and deeper during breaks (spent in the truck's cabin)
73% reported less irritability
93% said their truck seemed cleaner and fresher

These studies led to the recent development of the Elanra Portable Ioniser, a fully programmable, multi-use portable unit, which enables motorists to enjoy the benefits of a refreshing, negatively-charged atmosphere in their vehicle, while helping to safeguard the driver, passengers and other road users.

During travel, the Elanra Portable is powered by the vehicle’s battery and sits on a specially designed stand, which is fixed to the dashboard or rear shelf. (A cigarette lighter attachment may be used, but is not advised).

Easily removed from this stand, the Portable will also run on its own internal 9V battery where power is not available. In addition, it can be plugged into any electrical outlet in the world with its specially designed "switch-mode" power supply.

This enables you to use this very versatile product whilst driving, flying in an aeroplane, or travelling by bus or train. The Portable's specially designed power supply converts any mains voltage to the low voltage required for safe and easy use anywhere in the world, and carries all international electrical safety approvals and marks.

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